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Oventrop is one of the leading European manufacturers of valves, controls and systems for the Building Services industry. The company is an expert partner to stockists, installers, specifying engineers, contractors and industry. Oventrop combine valves, controllers and other components for all sectors of the Services Industry in an economical, energy-saving and ecological system.


Drainage means more than just draining water away – at least as far as Geberit is concerned. Geberit invests a good deal of know-how in the development of innovative products to ensure that drainage technology keeps pace with reality on the building site as well as continuing to meet high standards in terms of sound insulation and fire protection.



Wade are a leading manufacturer of quality drainage products. Utilising Stainless steel, nickel bronze, cast iron and high quality polycarbonate plastics underlines Wade’s commitment to quality and design.




The laboratory fittings from Brownall are designed with the requirements of a modern laboratory in mind.

The hallmarks of these fittings are good performance, durability, easy operation, flexibility and stream lined design along with an easy to clean and attractive appearance.

Broen’s field of expertise is flow control in laboratories and industrial locations, and their focus is development and manufacturing of premium laboratory solutions and emergency shower systems.

Since the outset in the 1960s, Broen have stuck to high-end quality. Broen have been pioneers in the laboratory market introducing uni-flex connection, polyester based surface treatment, flexible connectors, colour coding and quick release systems.



More than sixty years ago Arbonia began providing “warming solutions” and continue to this day by providing heating solutions that comply with the highest requirements of current regulations and standards from packaging through the processing and quality of its product range to meeting supply and date requirements.

Envirotec has established a reputation for producing some of the most effective air curtains available in the UK. The product range is extensive with units produced for high profile atriums as well as recessed or “on-view” applications. The broad range of units available means that clients are more likely to find the right design for an individual project. Envirotec produces all units for specific orders – this means that the designs are extremely flexible with client driven modifications being a speciality.

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